Cream Tea Etiquette: How to Enjoy Cream Tea the English Way

Cream Tea Etiquette: How to Enjoy Cream Tea the English Way

Cream Tea has been an afternoon tradition in England for decades. It's a delightful repose anchored by tradition and a non-negotiable code of etiquette.

Take a moment as we share with you how you can enjoy the experience of quintessential English Cream Tea at home.

Mind Your Manners

Saying "please" and "thank you" is a nod to any gracious host and ensures you are a delightful guest. Whether visiting a friend or hosting in your home, remember to always use your manners.

Live to Serve

Always make others feel welcome and special. If you are hosting Cream Tea, serve by graciously offering it to guests first. It’s a general rule that the host usually pours the tea. 


Gentle Stirs

When stirring your tea, use your tea spoon in a gentle back-and-forth motion rather than in circles to avoid potential spills! Also, this motion helps dissolve the sugar cube rather than it spinning around in circles at the bottom of the teacup. 


Pinky's IN

Contrary to popular belief, the proper etiquette of holding a teacup instructs you to hold it with your pinky finger tucked in and NEVER out. Pinch the handle with your index finger and thumb, and your middle finger should be supporting the bottom of the handle. 


Small Bites are Best

The experience of Cream Tea is about engaging in conversations and enjoying quality time. In taking smaller bites of your scone, you will avoid the unsightly risk of speaking with your mouth full. 

(We know this is often easier said than done when Mrs. Bakewell's scones are involved!)


Yes, You Can Use Your Fingers

A perfectly baked scone should have a crack in the middle, and it's customary to split your scone in half with your hands using this crack as a guide rather than using a knife.

Why you ask? When you use a knife to cut your scone, it flattens the center and could make it dense. Splitting or breaking with your fingers will ensure it stays nice and fluffy. And as always, we break bread, not cut it.  

Above all, Cream Tea offers a much-needed break from our busy schedules. It sets the foundation for better communication and connection with those we love - which is at the heart of what Mrs. Bakewell's aims to bring to homes across America. 

Are you ready to slow down and reconnect with what matters most? Where better to start than with our handcrafted Cream Tea Boxes. 

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