How To Create A New Tradition With Your Family This Christmas

How To Create A New Tradition With Your Family This Christmas

Cream Tea is a quintessentially British tradition that encourages a well-deserved break from our busy lives. The holidays are often overwhelming, which is why Mrs. Bakewell's founder, Rose Bakewell, has packaged all the essentials for cream tea into one delightful gift box delivered right to homes across America - making it the easiest way to incorporate a new holiday tradition.

Let Mrs.Bakewell's Cream Tea inspire you to slow down, enjoy the company of those most important to you and embrace the true spirit of the holidays. 


A Tradition Loved by the Royal Family

The tradition of Cream Tea dates back to the 11th century when it consisted of bread, cream, and jam. The classic form we indulge in today evolved and was popularized around the 17th century when tea arrived in England. 

In fact, Cream Tea is so ingrained in British culture that it’s a favorite activity of the Royal family. You already know this if you have watched The Crown on Netflix since The Queen regularly enjoys Cream Tea on the show. 

The experience of Cream Tea is the perfect holiday tradition. The sense of connection and ritual encourages you to take a moment for pause at a time of year overrun with to-do lists. Open a Mrs. Bakewell’s Cream Tea Box and gather your family, friends, and loved ones for a moment of communication and relationship-building. Plus, the delicious scones will keep everyone sitting at the table!

Are you ready to add a fluffy, quality treat to your holiday lineup?

Mrs. Bakewell’s scones are extra special, as they are made the traditional English way, with no sugary coating. Handmade in small batches using only the highest quality ingredients, they pair perfectly with the rich clotted cream imported from England and strawberry preserves from France. Your new holiday tradition is sure to entice a connection with loved ones.  


This Christmas, bring your family together for a moment of connection, relaxation, and enjoyment with the new tradition of authentic Cream Tea. 

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