Spring into Flavor with Mrs. Bakewell's Cream Tea Boxes

Spring into Flavor with Mrs. Bakewell's Cream Tea Boxes


Spring has arrived! And what better way to celebrate the season's renewal than with a delightful cream tea? The beauty of cream tea lies in its simplicity. It's a chance to pause, unwind, and savor the moment. Whether enjoyed as a midday treat or a special occasion indulgence, cream tea has a way of bringing people together, fostering connections, and creating cherished memories.

We have some wonderful new selections to offer:

  • The Original Cream Tea Box: Indulge in tradition with our Original Cream Tea Box, complete with the most scrumptious, freshly baked English scones, velvety clotted cream, and luxurious preserves. This authentic English experience is made even more convenient with included spoons and tea, ensuring everything you need for the perfect cream tea.

  • Just Scones Box: Discover pure delight in every bite with our Just Scones Box. These freshly baked English scones redefine indulgence, blending buttery richness with airy fluffiness. Perfect for adding a touch of scrumptious sophistication to your tea moments.

  • The Tea Party Box: Elevate your tea parties with Mrs. Bakewell’s exquisite Tea Party Box. Indulge in premium scones, velvety clotted cream, and delightful preserves – a perfect blend of tradition and luxury. Create cherished moments with our carefully curated box, adding a touch of sophistication to your gatherings.

  • The Elevenses Box: Experience morning bliss with our Elevenses Box – a quick and indulgent cream tea break. Freshly baked scones, luscious clotted cream, and sweet preserves make it the perfect way to elevate your mornings. Quick, delicious, and crafted for a delightful pause in your day.

  • The Pop Round Box: Our Pop Round Box combines convenience and sophistication for impromptu visits. Effortlessly elevate your pop-ins with delightful, freezer-friendly scones, ensuring culinary ease for spontaneous moments when guests pop round.

Experience the taste of spring with our delicious cream tea selections.

Order now for a delightful treat!

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